Get Mortgage Pre - Approved before starting the hunt for a new home!

Sunday Apr 22nd, 2018


Before you decide to buy a new home, you should call a Mortgage Agent to discuss mortgage options. A professional Mortgage Agent will ask you for all the necessary documents up front, so there won’t be any surprises once your application hits the lender. Where most mortgage agents & lenders go wrong is they do a pre-approval but fail to collect documents. If you get “pre-approved” without a request for documents,it’s basically worthless. It’s also good to note, no lender will give you a firm approval until you get an offer that is accepted. After you found your dream home and now you have an accepted offer. You’re moving from pre-approval to actual approval of financing but you’re out of the loop yet! Any final approval is pending the lender confirming the details. Even with all the documents, you’ll likely be advised by your mortgage agent, they’re only good for 30 days and you could be asked to update them for final approval when the time comes.

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