🛑Summer Health Dangers🛑

Tuesday Jul 16th, 2019


🛑Summer Health Dangers🛑

👉When the temperature soars and humidity rises, it's time to take precautions to avoid health consequences such as🔥 heat exhaustion, 🔥heat stroke and overexposure to the sun💥
🔥With heat exhaustion and stroke, the most susceptible are seniors, children, and people with chronic illnesses.
🛑However, everyone is at risk. 
👉The early symptoms of heat exhaustion can sneak up on us. 👉Some people feel a bit light headed and weak and might have a touch of nausea. 
🛑The serious problems develop when symptoms are ignored and additional fluids are not taken right away.
👉The primary cause of heat exhaustion is dehydration and a loss of electrolytes such as sodium. 
👌Generally, try to stay well hydrated and take in extra salt (for those of you who can use salt). 
👌️Drink even though you don't feel like it - you can't count on your thirst mechanism to prompt you. 
👉Here are the major symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke and some safety tips to help you cope with health emergencies during the dog days of summer.

🔥Symptoms of heat exhaustion include:
👉Body temperature usually normal or only slightly elevated.
👉Dry mouth.
👉Nausea, sometimes vomiting.
👉Weak and rapid pulse.
👉Cool, clammy, pale skin.

🛑NOTE: Symptoms take time to develop - sometimes several hours after dehydration occurs.

🔥Treatments for heat exhaustion:
👉Get out of the sun and into a cool place.
👉Drink more fluids (electrolyte sports drinks may help), but don't drink too fast or you could become nauseous.
👉Eat salty snacks.
👉Rest.Loosen clothing.

🛑Be aware that heat stroke can come after heat exhaustion, but it can also develop quickly and independently if one's core body temperature rises too high.

🔥Symptoms of heat stroke include:
👉Very high body temperature (103 ° or higher).
👉Hot, dry, red skin.
👉No sweating.
👉Disorientation, hallucinations, delirium.
👉Rapid breathing and fast pulse, then slow breathing and weak pulse.
👉Convulsions.Loss of

👉NOTE: Symptoms can come on quickly. 
🔥Heat stroke can occur within 10 - 15 minutes of the first symptoms.
🛑If treatment is not given immediately, permanent damage can occur to internal organs.


🛑Immediate care for a heat stroke victim includes:
👉Move person to cool place indoors or in the shade outdoors.
👉Lower body temperature as soon as possible.
👉Remove clothing and wrap person in a wet sheet, or wet their cotton clothing.
👉Fan person with electric fan or manually (do not place wet items too close to electric fan).
👉Place ice packs or cold compresses on the neck, under armpits, and in the groin area.
👉If child is unconscious, carefully place them in cool water up to their neck.
👉If child is conscious, try to get them to drink cool water, slowly.
Person may not be able to drink if delirious (do not force them).


Information courtesy of Tony & Ledi Alushi @ iPro Realty Ltd.

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